The project is set to transform a loft-style apartment.

First action we made is to put in plants. The concept of bringing the outside in works hand in hand with this idea of transformable space. The plants soften the industrial rough edges and bring in greenery to this space. Right after that, we get onto our drawing board with the thoughts of needing a bench-top and a long dining table that can fit 6 people but also wanting a functional gathering space. This is because we define the activities when we are in both the kitchen/dining space and living space as a social backdrop. After several sketches, we came up with this extendable bench – dining table design. When it is only 2 of us in this apartment (which is most of the time), the design remains in its original form and when there are guests over, we can pull out the table and host; then retract the table back when we are ready to relax in the open plan living space. In the design, we want to blend the piece into the existing room decor/context. we have taken in the consideration of material and color – the black metal frame, the timber boards and the Cement Bonded Wood Composite board to finish off the industrial look. Lastly, we have continued the approach of transformable design by bringing in a fold-able wooden table and a sofa bed which can be pulled out when guests come over.

The custom island piece was done in collaboration with Sawdust Bureau. Here are some shots that were taken from their warehouse.

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