In 2015, I made a digital comic series to free the imagination of #Melbourne in 100 years time. The micro-living apartment towers are booming especially in the CBD with some recent records of residential buildings with over 90 floors. The nowadays indulgent life style of using digital products has greatly contributed to the development trends of micro living as people are so focused with the screens in front of them and do not require much for physical spaces.

Will Melbourne turns into the next #kowloonwalledcity?

Are we soon only to be able to communicate via screens in a small capsule?

Part 1. The high dense continuing up

In 2115 Melbourne will be covered with urban creations. With the existing urban fabric and infrastructure catching up in a much slower path, the towers depict a different concrete and stone landscape than we ever imagined.

Part 2. Virtual expansion VS Micro living.

In the #melbourne2115, the living space is predicted to be ‘highly efficient’. However, with the current trend of virtualization, people do not seem to mind because the virtual world is so large and has so much to explore. 

Part 3. The social capsule. 

People are traveling in the space cubic in the soaring towers to their own capsule. These micro spaceships are turning into the main social space. 

Part 4. The modern day social event. 

In these spacial cubic environments, people are confronted with the real conversation in an extreme physical tightness. The awkwardness overwhelms. 

Part 5. The reflection of interaction. 

What is it about normal daily life in 2115? Conversation or Isolation.

Part 6. The beautiful but messy world. 

Lives go on.

*Inspired by J.G.Ballard’s The Concentration City in The Complete Short Stories & With the physical understanding of the Kowloon Walled City.

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